what is a polystyrene ball!
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The polystyrene ball is obtained from the petroleum by-products through a refining process. After they have been embedded with air, the polystyrene ball can either be solidified to shape or form into different things, for instance, foam packaging or food packaging.

Use of Polystyrene ball

• Lightweight

A unique aspect of polystyrene ball and sheet polystyrene is that they are to a great degree lightweight, strong and solid. The most common applications they are used for fuse going about as filler for stuffed toys, cushions and pet beds.

• Product Packaging

Very large polystyrene balls can moreover be framed to make the packaging of the product, for instance, the hard foam packaging that is much of the time used to protect the electronic equipment. Other common uses consolidate disposable mugs and plates, fast food containers and when they are formed into the thick sheets of foam they can similarly be used to secure the structures.

• Hollow Insulation

Polystyrene ball goes about as incredibly good divider like the sheet polystyrene in the structures. They give incredible insurance and make the structure energy proficient. This will bring the energy cost down.

• Moisture Resistant

Despite being lightweight, strong and solid, polystyrene balls are also extraordinary for being moisture resistant.

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