What is the purpose of polystyrene packaging?!
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Just like any other kind of packaging, polystyrene is used to serve various purposes including the following:

  • Protection

Polystyrene packaging serves the purpose of protecting the contents from various environmental factors. It protects the goods from damage, loss, and theft. Polystyrene balls are heat resistant and waterproof to ensure your goods are protected. Thus, if you are transporting food, you can be sure polystyrene packaging will keep it from contamination.

  • Containment

Polystyrene packaging is used to hold tight the different packages. It makes the total consignment smaller, cheaper to make, recycle or ship. The reason for this is that polystyrene balls are compact and thus can hold everything tightly together.

  • Easy handling

Polystyrene balls are so lightweight. This makes polystyrene packaging easy to handle because of its light weight. Because of this, it minimises transport and distribution costs. The owner of the goods, therefore, end up paying less in transport costs.

  • Maintaining hygiene

Polystyrene balls are known to be water resistant. It, therefore, makes sense to use polystyrene packaging for products that require remaining hygienic. Such products include toiletries, foodstuffs, and pharmaceuticals.

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